Memphis, Tennessee - Founder: Lead/background vocals (1st and 2nd tenor)

We represent an era that we were proud to be part of and music we really love.  Tight harmony is the key.  The music is very special because it still moves us and lives through all of us because we still get excited about the music when you hear it on the radio or see a live performance.  Being inspired by some of the greatest legendary performers in the business, is what motivates me to be the best I can be.



Lafayette, Louisiana - Co-founder: Lead/background vocals (1st and 2nd tenor)

To appeal to your audience you must have style, grace and personality in order to command the stage to give your audience the same quality of sound performance.  This business has so much to offer--have fun with it.  



Houston, Texas: Lead/background vocals (tenor) and choreography

We create the magic and excitement, it has to come from the heart in order to touch souls.  I've been inspired by the best to give my very best.  This business is as rewarding and gratifying as you want it to be.  It's been very gratifying to me--when you have a positive state of mind great things happen.  



Houston, Texas: Lead/background vocals (baratone) and choreography

I love music...the universal language we all understand that needs no translation, a feeling deep within affects you in a way that matters to you and takes you to a special place. Singing is my passion - singing is a natural gift and being challenged to be at my best and connecting with my audience in a positive way is very exciting and gratifying--my goal is to get a positive reaction from a physical attraction...let the music move you!